My Hair Dream

My Dream. Is to have hair. That looks like this.

No split ends. No frizzy locks. No dead curls.

I will no longer make that drastic decision to relax it. Youtube has inspired me.

I will now lovingly care for and give my hair all that it needs. I will acheive my goal one day!

Go Natural Hair!!

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Nourah said...

Glad you came to this conclusion..A few weeks ago I was having this conversation with Sis.Walia about hair etc. She said back in the day, she had really nice curly hair, and she went to a hairdresser who suggested that she perm her hair to make it "manageable". She said until now,her hair has never been the same.
But here is the punchline, she had some other cosmotologist friend who told her that he would never recommend any woman to perm their hair because PERMING YOUR HAIR IS JUST LIKE GIVING YOUR HAIR AIDS. lol, thats something to think about.